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Proprietary Registration

Register participants using multiple tracks and manage them with exceptional filtering and report tools


Real time housing reports as registration

Air Integration

Smooth air integrations make managing flights for thousands of participants easy

Global Marketing

Engage your target audience using analytics derived from your data

Payment Integration

Accept payments for activities and registrations without leaving the site

Web Development

Impress participants with beautiful custom designed websites

SMS Messaging

Reach your participants on their mobile phones and receive replies


Email every participant or use filters to target specific criteria


Track attendance with RFID & QR Code technology


Feedback can be collected and analyzed to make improvements year after year

Mobile App

Our mobile application brings any event to life in the palm of your hand.


Technology and Social Media are the instruments of global connectivity. Compass brings this synergy to your event through an interactive social feed. Attendees may share ideas, discuss common interests and even provide feedback on speakers and activities.


From the invitations to the closing ceremonies, each carefully thought-out detail of your event is integrated through the Compass application. Attendees receive important notifications, event details and speaker profiles, as well as access to their personal agenda.


Each event is unique, designed to inspire through scope and variety. With event schedules and descriptions at their fingertips, attendees have the ability to navigate and customize their experience. Individual agendas are easily synced to personal phone calendars keeping attendees on track throughout the event.


Posting comments, photos and videos in real-time raises the bar and heightens excitement during any event. We’ll brand your unique event and broadcast to participants through a comprehensive social media campaign. The ease and familiarity of social media make it the perfect vehicle for participants to connect and share information throughout your event.

Interact with your mobile app without leaving the event management software


Having the tools that allow you and your participants to track their progress is vital to the success of your campaign. Proprietary online tools easily monitor and analyze important data in point- and criteria-based incentive programs. Track progress every step of the way with customizable tables and charts while boosting morale through rankings and leader boards.